Prepare to Unplug and Unwind During the Holidays

Whether the holidays are the busiest or slowest time of the year for your business, plan ahead to give yourself and your employees time to relax, gather with family and friends, and celebrate the season. Here are some ways to ensure that everyone gets a chance to step away from work.

Make a list of routine and important tasks that you can get done ahead of the holidays.

It may mean extra work for your team now, but everyone will appreciate not having to face a mountain of overdue tasks when they return to work after the holidays.

Give employees important contact information.

If your employees will be working while you’re out of town, provide information and contacts for handling emergencies.

Be sure customers know how they can contact your business during the holidays.

If your business will be closed for specific days, let customers know well in advance so they aren’t expecting an email reply or a callback. Post an announcement on your website if that’s how people typically connect with you. Ask everyone on your team who receives external emails and calls on a company line to set out-of-office response messages for their days off. If appropriate, identify a designated point of contact during their absence.

On their days off, encourage your team members to ignore work-related electronic communications and, whenever possible, do the same yourself.

A real break will allow you to spend more time with family and friends and leave you feeling refreshed.

If you or your employees must work over the holidays, be sure to provide special treats for morale.

There are countless ways at every price level to show your appreciation to employees who are working during the holidays. Choose something you know will be valued.

Every business will have its own unique needs and challenges to address during the holiday season. Planning ahead and flexibility are two keys to reducing stress and providing time off for you and your employees.

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