Partner for Exponential Growth

We recommend a great lead generating strategy called Host Beneficiary. To apply this unique lead generation approach, look for a business that targets the same customers you do and offers products or services compatible with your business and then join forces on your marketing efforts. 

Find the Right Partner

One of the keys to creating a synergistic partnership is to zero in on a business that is different from yours and also is adjacent to yours. For example, a hair salon and a clothing boutique are a great fit. A hardware store and a catering business, on the other hand, might have overlapping audience demographics, but the lack of connection between tools and appetizers diminishes the synergy of the partnership.

Explore Various Ways to Collaborate

Once you’ve found your ideal partner, explore how you can collaborate.  A good place to start is with customer communications. Both of you can link to the other’s business on your websites, in email campaigns and on social media. Support this identification between your businesses with an introductory discount offer: your customers receive an exclusive discount when they buy from your partner and the same applies to your partner’s customers when they buy from you. 

This strategy can open up an entire new customer base for your business. Plan to test it for several months and devise ways to monitor the impact so you know how well it is working. 

If you would like to learn more about how this might apply to your business, let’s talk:

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