Re-invent, Re-think, Re-open: Nine To-Dos for a Great Start – Part 1

Yes, we’re re-opening, but no, it’s not quite business as usual. Re-opening takes more than just unlocking your doors and letting in your customers: you’re rebuilding your business.
Adjusting to the new normal will be demanding on many levels, but I’m here to help with nine to-dos to guide and inspire you through the re-opening process.
We’ll start by looking at four necessary to-dos for behind-the-scenes preparation. These are things you want to start planning and managing before opening your doors. In future posts I’ll share more to-dos to help you get to a successful opening day.

#1 Re-Educate and Prepare

  • Know the local rules of the game
  • Use your common sense of course
  • Clean and screen
  • Remember customers want to see and feel before they buy
  • Being flexible will be key to serving your customers

#2  Re-Build Your Team

  • Give them confidence
  • Give them flexible hours and virtual ability to do some tasks
  • Give them community and communication
  • Give them standards and protocols
  • Give them time to ramp up to their usual productivity
  • Give everyone a fresh start

#3  Re-Run Your Numbers

  • Every decision right now either makes or costs
  • More often not less often
  • Break even and profit break even
  • Use government money wisely
  • More cash on hand is still suggested

#4 Re-Write Your Plan

  • It was a 90-day game to survive
  • And a 90-day plan to thrive
  • Re-opening is harder than closing
  • Can’t afford simple mistakes
  • Think negatives as well as positives
  • Get Help…Email me!

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