Re-invent, Re-think, Re-open: Nine To-Dos for a Great Start – Part 2

Now you’re ready to start spreading the news — you’re open for business!

One and done isn’t enough: you’ll need to deliver multiple messages and in different ways.

People have been away for three months or longer, so it will take time to re-introduce your business to them. Keep your messages relevant, fresh, and appealing, while demonstrating you’re aware of their health and safety concerns.
These to-dos suggest different ways you can communicate with customers to remind them of your re-opening.
#5 Re-New with Deals for Days
  • Deals for different target audiences
  • Top 20% of customers
  • First responders
  • Existing customers
  • Come try us put
  • All month long

#6 Re-Think Your Marketing and Sales

  • Help and educate more than benefits
  • Remember fear and worry
  • More steps and it may take longer
  • More video, especially testimonials
  • Customer centric – more questions
  • Build database and relationships

#7 Re-Opening Announcements

  • Build up excitement
  • Announce every step
  • Announce every team member
  • Announce every deal
  • Announce your dates
  • Whatever it is ANNOUNCE IT …

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