My Top 8 Most Popular Topics of the Year

As the year comes to a close, it’s a perfect time to review the issues that resonated most with my email subscribers and blog visitors with an eye to how we will have a stronger year in 2022.

Listed in chronological order, these are the top 8 topics. If you missed any of these popular popular, I’ve included links to the original message on my blog.

1. Is It Easy to Do Business with You?

When everything else became more challenging as a result of the pandemic, consumers started looking for ways to make things easier. On March 5 I suggested looking at your sales process from the point of view of your customers and find opportunities to improve. Customized experiences and options – whether it’s curbside pickup or delivery, zoom or in-person customer service – will continue to be a game changer for small businesses in 2022.

2. Achieving Your Goals Depends on Having Strong Employee Relationships

I took a deep dive into building strong relationships with your employees, a key way to retaining talent in this competitive hiring market, on April 30. Continue to invest in your employees and let them know how much your value their work.

3. Top Reasons to Consider Blogging for Your Business

Since I publish a new blog post every Friday, it will come as no surprise I’m a big fan of this marketing tactic. On June 25, I provided an overview on the whys and how’s of blogging consistently and frequently to build credibility, provide value and keep your business top of mind.

4. Looking for Opportunities to Grow Your Business

In my August 27 email I suggested a four-step process to look for hidden opportunities to grow your business by closely examining customer needs.

5. The 5 Rs of Employee Retention

As the year progress, finding and keeping good employees became a top concern for all businesses across the country. In my September 24 email, I suggested 5 ways you can tip the scales in your favor when it comes to employee retention.

6. How to Build Work Habits that Stick

A consequence of the higher employee turnover rates is that businesses must onboard new employees more often. On October 29 I recommended ways you can encourage new and existing employees to adopt new workflow processes.

7. Five Ways to Be a Better Boss of You

On November 19 I offered a friendly reminder to train yourself as well as your employees for a positive work environment.

8. Now Is the Time to Set Your 2022 Goals

On December 10 I shared a 3-step process that works with all goal-setting methods: 1) Envision the outcomes you desire; 2) Plan your roadmap to achieving them; 3) Be accountable to yourself.

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