Money Fear: Solve your Puzzle

Money Fear

If you are a small business owner, you are probably familiar with MONEY FEAR! Are you going to let facts guide your fear, or will you retell your story to solve your puzzle?

Like all fear, money fear is not caused by your circumstance.  Money fear comes from your story about your circumstance…a future story about a current circumstance. You don’t know the future, but it feels real and impending, and it only exists in your mind. 

How do you deal with nightmares?  You wake up.  How do you deal with money fear?  You wake up.  It’s not a huge financial crisis, it’s simply a math puzzle.  You protest and find yourself listing facts, not telling stories.  “You don’t know my situation!!  I’m drowning in debt.  My house is in foreclosure and I may become homeless.  I have stacks of unpaid bills and am hounded daily by collectors.  My credit cards are maxed.”  

Descriptions like drowning, devastation, overwhelm, depression, and hounding, create feelings of anxiety, a rise in blood pressure, depression, and stress.  To effectively address the situation, you need to be astute, present, fully functioning, and ready to take action.

I suggest that you drop your current nightmare story and retell it.  You have a challenging puzzle to solve.  You have an interesting mountain to climb, and an exciting adventure to walk through.  You are still alive, and thinking, and have some friends and family and resources to help you.  Once you reframe your story, you need to list the objective facts in writing.  Then create a strategic, prioritized response and action plan.  And then get into action.  It may take many steps, several months or years, even most of your remaining life to solve this puzzle.  But fear, depression, devastation and high-level stress are all optional, counterproductive, and unnecessary.  

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YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK:  Find someone outside your situation to help you reframe your story and create your action plan.

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