Mindset Advantage

Many factors play into success. Yet, there is one characteristic that creates the largest differentiator between success and failure. That is the mindset of the individual. How do they look at each situation or economic obstacle, every customer, every challenge, and life in general?

If the attitude is similar to Eeyore’s, the “woe is me” donkey in Winnie the Pooh, one would feel: life is hard, I don’t get the same opportunities as others, the economy is really hurting, etc. It can be a real problem. Blaming someone else, making excuses as to why things don’t get accomplished, or not taking accountability is a key factor in their success or lack thereof.

Or does the alternative apply? Does the individual take ownership, accountability, and responsibility for everything in their business and life? They realize that what they can’t control, like the economy, taxes, etc., is only 10% of life, but they control the other 90%. How your day goes is totally dependent on you.

There are only three things you can control in your life: what you do, what you don’t do, and how you react in a situation. Taking a positive mindset creates results and results don’t require explanations, they speak for themselves.

As I work with clients on this concept, the goal is to swing to a point where issues are not discussed with an excuse, but rather a question of what must change in order to correct the issue at hand. When addressing issues with this mindset, the ability to make change is easy.

YOUR CHALLENGE: As you encounter issues this week, spend less time on defining blame and significantly more time on making sure it doesn’t happen again.

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