Marketing Mistakes

If you’re a professional who relies on marketing for business growth, then you’ll want to continue reading.  Below is a list of some marketing mistakes that occur often within businesses.  It’s important to learn from these errors and stop them from happening. Don’t be guilty of the following:

Forgetting about cell phones.  Don’t forget about mobile users.  If you have a website, it should be optimized for mobile devices.  If it’s not, you’re essentially turning away customers. Everybody has a cell phone these days.  Make sure you take advantage of that!

Not marketing using videos.  Engaging customers and capturing their attention is what video content marketing is perfect for.  Advertise your business through videos.  Your competition is probably doing it.  Don’t get left out. Create a business YouTube channel and start recording!

Spamming.  Are you sending out emails to those who haven’t given you permission?  Are your emails helpful, educational, and/ore relevant?  Consider segmenting your lists so each subscriber gets exactly what they want in their Inbox.

Not having a call to action.  Do you have a goal for your readers?  Do you expect your customers to do something specific when they land on your website, or get an email from you? If you don’t have a clear call-to-action, potential buyers will get distracted or feel misled.  And you’ll miss the sale.  Always clarify what you want them to do!

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