Low-cost, Creative Strategies to Build a Strong Brand

Having a strong brand is crucial to stand out in a crowded marketplace. Your brand is more than just your logo or tagline. It encompasses your entire identity — your mission, values, personality, visual aesthetic, the emotions you evoke in your customers — and even your shipping boxes.

Having a clear, recognizable brand allows customers to connect with you on a deeper level, laying the foundation for a strong relationship. It builds trust, loyalty, and an emotional attachment to your business. This gives your company an advantage over generic competitors. 

Investing in branding boosts awareness of your business, helps attract your ideal customers, and allows you to command higher prices. But reinforcing your brand doesn’t have to require a huge budget. With some creativity and strategy, you can build a strong brand that resonates with your customers.

Learn how to use free design tools

You don’t have to be a graphics designer to create professional-looking marketing materials with your brand identity. Check out Canva; there’s a free version that you can use to make designs for social media posts, business documents, and print marketing pieces.

Get known on social media

One of the most affordable yet powerful ways to build your brand is through social media. Experiment with different themes to find a style that stands out,  attracts engagement and make it your brand. Some fun examples are wearing a different hat in every post and showing your product in different geographic locations. While this approach works well with humor, you can also use it with a more informative tone. Repetition with variation has always been a winning formula for engaging media campaigns. Borrow this classic approach from the pros!

Host experiential events 

Experiential events like classes, workshops or community or professional group speaking engagements let customers interact with your brand in real life and position you as an expert authority. These events build buzz, attract media attention — and you benefit from the event host’s marketing reach.

Use your packaging creatively

Amazon is one of the top 5 most recognizable brands in the country and a big reason for that is their recognizable package.

Packaging that aligns with your brand identity makes an impression and creates a lasting branded experience. Get creative with packaging design, materials and messaging to turn your product packaging into a branding opportunity. Include a brand story or QR code on packaging to share more about your brand with customers.  Work with a student graphics designer to come up with something that people will notice and remember.

Eye-catching window displays

If you have a storefront, be sure to make the maximum use of that space to promote your brand. Exterior signage should also be consistent with your branding.

Choose a partner

Look for opportunities where you can save on marketing fees by splitting them with a partner. For example, a financial consultant might partner with a provider of related but not competitive services to share the cost of renting a venue to offer a free public seminar. Target to a niche market to attract potential customers already interested in what you both offer. Here are some examples of good partners for an event: financial advisors and private college admissions coaches; financial planners and senior care service providers; financial advisors and wedding planners.

Building your brand doesn’t require a big budget when you get creative. Focus on telling your brand’s story, making connections and providing value for customers in memorable ways.

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