Looking Ahead to 2023 Business Trends

Although we’re still facing economic uncertainty, I’m excited about new opportunities in the year ahead. Here are five business trends I’ll be monitoring in 2023.

1. Hybrid work models aren’t going away

New trends in this area will be around incentives to get people to come back to the workplace.

2. AI-produced content goes mainstream

ChatGPT is good at creating content — so good some people can’t tell the results from human-produced content. Expect to see new platforms and apps that leverage AI to make content tasks easier for you.

3. Tik Tok is taking over social media

Tik Tok is fun, easy to use, and has a reported one billion-plus users.

Small businesses can no longer ignore the popularity of how-to videos on the platform. This is the year to consider how your product or service might lend itself to this medium. 

4. Operating in crisis mode is becoming more of a regular occurrence

Nearly every business experiences some kind of crisis at some point, but for many businesses, the COVID-19 pandemic and its aftermath was the first landscape-altering crisis to impact them. What was different about Covid than, say, a weather-related crisis, was the duration of the impact and the scope of the impact across many, if not all, industries — it wasn’t one thing, but many things simultaneously, that affected small businesses. COVID-19 will continue into 2023 and we’ll likely continue to experience new impacts.

5. Personal data and payment security innovations

New digital wallet technology will be introduced to keep user data and payment information more secure. Existing mobile payment platforms are already launching new steps to keep users and their money safer.

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