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To build a great team (the HAVE) in a business, there are two essentials that you, as the leader, must define and communicate.

One is your core values (the BE).
The other is accountability structure (the DO).

Core values are absolute non-negotiables.  I recommend three to seven clearly defined core values.  The fewer the better.  If you want to discover your core values, list and describe the attributes and attitudes of your top three employees.  Narrow that list down to the 3 to 7 values that must be core for each member of your team. Use these absolutes to hire and fire.  These core values must be non-negotiable.  If a person does not fully embrace your core values, they cannot be on your team.  Jim Collins in his classic, Good to Great, says this is “getting the right people on the bus.”

Once you have a team of people that fully embrace and practice your core values, then you must determine the right “seat on the bus” for each one.  To do this, you must define the seats in your business based on function.  Each seat must have a specific set of accountabilities defined.  For a person to be in a seat, they must get it, want it, and have the capacity to fulfill those accountabilities.

I frequently hear frustration and complaints from business owners concerning their employees.  I hear comments like“They just don’t care” or “They seem so unhappy” or “They never seem content and always want more.”  Or the owners are experiencing: Workplace drama.  Lack of focus.  Apathy. Mediocrity. Immaturity.  Blame. Absenteeism. Gossip.

Gently, I remind the business owner that your team is a mirror of your leadership.  You have the team you build.  The team you deserve.

Ouch!  “That’s not fair!” You protest.  “I can’t force people to change and do the right thing, and I certainly can’t change their personality!!”  I would agree that you fundamentally cannot change other people.  However, there are a couple of things you can do that will assure you have the right people doing the right things. Take a look at your core values and how you are living them in the business.  Then take a look at the accountability structure you have in place and how effective it truly is.

Here’s the bottom line.  Your team reflects your leadership and business management.  Clarifying and communicating your core values and accountabilities will provide the foundation for you to build a great team.  There is much more to creating a great team, but these two foundational components are essential.

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YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK:  Clarify and communicate your core values to your team?  Do you see a profound affect on them?

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