Know Your Target

Improvements to your marketing and sales is a guaranteed way to improve bottom line profits when it is done correctly. One common mistake that many small and medium business owners make is not identifying their target market correctly. Failing to identify your target correctly results in many lost marketing dollars. So, how do we identify the target market? The simplest way to accomplish this task is to ask your customers. Ask them to fill out survey sheets, ask them during the sales process, or ask them when the opportunity arises. By asking your customers, you will be able to find the unique traits of who needs your products and services and you can build a profile of your ideal customer.

Once this profile is built you can begin to explore the numerous ways to reach other buyers that fit your demographic. In advertisements you can start to write your advertisements in a way that only the people who might buy your product pay attention to it. People pay attention to advertisements that are targeted to them specifically. The ads do not need to be clever, unique, and they do not have to be professionally produced. All the ads have to do is hit that target customer. You hit that target customer through a headline that gets them to stop and read your ad. It is ideal to run a couple of different ads and have a different way to measure the effectiveness of each ad. That way you know which ones work and which ones do not. Hit the target and your advertising is effective.

YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: Use the information from your current customer based to begin building the profile or profiles of your ideal customer.

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