Keeping Employees Engaged During the Holidays

The countdown to the holidays can be exciting and stressful, especially at the workplace.  The holiday spirit usually brings energy, creativity, and motivation to employees.  But, managers often have a hard time keeping their team members on task.

The end of the year comes with completion of big projects or milestones, which can be motivating yet difficult.  So, it’s important for managers to have compassion and know that the holidays are part of an emotional season.

Here are a few ways to keep your team going throughout the holiday season:

  1. Celebrate Success – with phone calls, thank you cards, through emails, and through positive reinforcement.
  2. Set Goals – to keep your team members productive and on track.
  3. Encourage Time Off – make sure your employees know that it’s important for them to spend time with loved ones, to have something to look forward to, to recharge their batteries.
  4. Schedule Regular Meetings – keep everyone in the loop, that way they feel important and are less likely to resist authority.
  5. Create an Enjoyable Environment – make sure to create an atmosphere of acceptance, unity, and friendship.  Employees will become more motivated in a positive workplace.

While holidays are hectic, and business is still going on, it’s extremely beneficial to make sure your employees are happy, healthy, and look forward to coming back in the new year.  Productive team members make for great business!

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