Improve Your Communication Skills

Communication is one of the key’s to developing a successful business.  To communicate effectively, there are a few tips you should follow.  These will provide clarity and effectiveness to your daily communication.

1 – Actively Listen.  Pay attention when the other person is talking.  Don’t interrupt them.  Repeat back to them what you’ve heard.  And provide feedback when they are finished.

2 – Actions speak louder than words.  Be aware of your body language around others.  Eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures tell a lot about someone.

3 – Read more.  Boost your vocabulary and improve your communication skills by reading books, newspapers, or blogs.

4 – Write often.  Your verbal communication can improve by practicing your writing skills.  Write a blog post or start a journal.

5 – Ask Questions.  If you don’t understand something, don’t be afraid to ask.  It shows interest and keeps a conversation going.  It also helps with small talk.

6 – Manage your stress.  Keep calm or use humor in your conversations.  Exercise and drink a lot of water.  Managing your stress level (and anxiety about communication) is very important.

Communicating effectively take a lot of practice.  Try and work the above tips into your work week, and see how your quality of life at work and at home improves.

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