I Dreamed a Dream Board

When was the last time you took the time to keep track of your dreams? If it has been a while you need a dream board. Haven’t heard of a dream board? It is a place where you can bring together every dream you’ve ever had. It is something you can look at daily to remind you of your life’s dreams.

Dream boards have been around for many years. Traditional dream boards are pieces of paper or poster board covered in magazine clippings. A great start but not very portable. Today there are digital ways to build a dream board. Pinterest is a great tool where you can update your dream board easily and continuously. And it can be accessed from a number of different technologies (computer, tablet and smart phone).

What goes onto a dream board? Well, it is important to remember that a dream is different than a goal. A goal is something on a timeline, with a specific end in mind. A dream is bigger than a timeline, it is something that will inspire you again and again. A dream has no size limit. Think big and then, think bigger. Dreams do not have to be realistic. A dream should be wild, crazy and unedited. Don’t remove something from your dream board just because it seems unlikely to happen. Anything that you want can go on your dream board.  When building your dream board choose images, videos, words or phrases that inspire you. And finally a dream board has no end, keep adding dreams as you go!

Your challenge: Compile a list of dreams you have, and then begin to build your dream board. Try and look at it as often as you can.

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