How to Reach Your Audience

When running a small business, it’s best practice to develop a solid marketing strategy.  One of your main goals is to rise above the competition.  You not only want to reach your target audience, but you want to appeal to your niche customers so you get more out of your marketing plan.

We all know that it’s best to stand out as the number one expert in your field.  That is why it’s extremely important to start with your niche customers.  You want to focus on a tight market so you can reach new leads faster, with a higher chance of turning them into buyers.

Here are some tips to reach your target audience:

  1. Find out what value your business brings to your customers.
  2. Identify how much customers spend with you, and how often.
  3. Send surveys on a consistent basis for feedback to make improvements.
  4. Track the activity of your top competitors to find the value they provide their customers.
  5. Reposition yourself in the market by re-branding or adjusting pricing, if needed.
  6. Update your marketing plan to reflect any changes in customer spending.

Remember that building relationships with, and listening to, your customers not only gives you the opportunity to find that specific niche, but it provides your business with the opportunity to grow.  Don’t let your business get stuck, or lost in the shuffle. Consistently make changes based on what your audience wants and needs.  Rise above the rest and STAY the expert in your field.

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Find 1 competitor and study their marketing strategies.  Do you see any differences from your current marketing plan?

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