How to Improve Performance Management

Poor performance management reduces workplace morale and contributes to employee turnover.  A strategy with little value can come at a high price.  The goal is to make performance management more effective.  How do we do that?

These are all part of a good foundation for performance management:

  • Corporate goals
  • Individual goals
  • Competencies
  • Communication

Some companies don’t partake in feedback methods because they prefer to accept annual performance reviews only.  It’s important to encourage goals to evolve organically throughout the year, and to follow timelines of company projects and initiatives.  Goals should be reviewed and scores as they’re completed, or it can be made part of a weekly or monthly check-in process.  Communication needs to be held face-to-face, either in person or through technology.

Technology can be a crucial part of performance success.  Using a performance management system supports the one-on-one relationships among managers and team members.  It provides access to feedback as needed.  And it provides real-time metrics that help managers make smart decisions with current data.

It’s important for employers to streamline basic conversation because communication is essential to the growth of the workforce.

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