How to Help Your Employees Love Change

“Few things are more important during a change event than communication from leaders who can paint a clear and confidence-inspiring vision of the future.”– Sarah Jensen Clayton, communications consultant
Implementing changes – big or small – in an organization can be tough, and if your employees aren’t on board, the process will be even more challenging.
Here’s some advice on how to help employees accept changes in their workplace.
Share the vision
Findings from a study conducted by a public relations firm found that 55% of respondents who had gone through a change event at work said they wished their employer offered more digital and social engagement, while 42% said they wanted more face-to-face communication.
Tell your employees why the change is important to the business. People tend to fear the unknown. If your employees don’t know the reason why things are changing, they may feel insecure in their jobs and become stressed about their future. By explaining why the changes are taking place, you have an opportunity to rally your troops around a common cause.
Make sure they know what’s in it for them
Explain how the change will impact and/or benefit them. Even if the changes don’t impact or benefit your employees, you are showing your respect for them by informing them. If the changes will negatively impact employees, they will appreciate your transparency.
Keep information and feedback flowing
Clearly communicate changes in advance to employees, and continue to provide updates throughout the transition. Offer various opportunities for feedback. Be sure you are the primary source for information and not the rumor mill.
Be receptive and demonstrate empathy
Acknowledge employees’ comments and show you understand their perspectives.
Be open to your employees’ ideas – they may suggest something that will make the change smoother.
Get employees involved in change
From planning to support, having employees participate in the process will provide create a sense of ownership and mutual respect. Employees who see their peers are part of the change process will be more open to change.
Provide training and support
Allow employees time to adapt to the change and provide access to help when they need it. Everyone learns at a different pace and has a different learning style. Be sure you communicate changes both visually and verbally.
Set goals and reward success
As part of your change process, considering celebrating milestones achieved.
Getting your employees on board as early as possible will help ensure a successful transition. Contact me for more advice on change management in your business.

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