How to Generate New Ideas (Innovative Thinking)

Where do you seek out inspiration?  How do you keep new ideas flowing?  Are you full of outdated ideas?  Are you settling into a familiar rut?

If you’re getting stuck and are actively seeking new ideas, then you’ll want to read the following helpful tips.

1 – Go meet people.  Talking to new people who don’t think like you and who don’t know how you think can freshen up your brainstorming process.  Attend networking events or learning seminars.  Talk to people outside your industry.

2 – Involve your customers.  Since new products or services are often initiated by customers’ problems, involve those customers in your brainstorming sessions.

3 – Travel to different places.  A new adventure may bring forward certain opportunities that will allow you to come across a new idea that may be a big deal back home.

4 – Reinvent an existing idea.  Perhaps an already existing idea can be improved upon.  Take it a step further and offer something more to your customers than the present industry is offering.

5 – Focus on your own goals.  Look around during the day and you might come across several challenges that take a long time or a lot of effort to complete.  You may establish new ideas to solve your problem(s).

As a business owner, you’ll need to open yourself up to new avenues and give your brain the time and space it needs to generate new ideas!

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