How to Engage for Success

How attached are you to the way you run your business?  Are you willing to do things differently?  Are you able to organize your day differently?  If you want your employees more engaged, you may need to make several changes that you are currently not comfortable with.  Can you do that?

As the leader of your company, it’s necessary to get out and talk to your employees.  Help them when necessary.  Ask them about their families or about something that interests them.  How much do you really know about them?  How much do they really know about you?

What about future plans of your company?  You may know what your visions are for your business, but do your employees?  They need to know how your plans will benefit them, or cause them problems.  Do you ever really listen to your employees?  Do you hear what they really have to say?  Are you developing a team who all know and envision your future plans for your company?

If you are not working together with your employees for success, celebrating achievements and sharing rewards, then you will want to rethink how you engage with them.

Set aside some time on a regular basis to talk to your employees about how, together, you can improve the business.  Find out what ideas your team has.  Actively listen to what they have to say.  What could you all do differently, as a team, or individually, to improve your service or to increase your business success?  What is really worth investing in?

Working with your team, engaging them with conversation, working towards company goals, and increasing individual success, not only improves business but will help you retain your best employees, but it will reduce turnover and make a huge difference to the success of your business!

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