How to Develop an Effective Team

When you belong to a team you feel part of something larger than yourself.  You all have one thing in common…the mission of the business you work for.

Everyone in the team has a specific job function.  They may even belong to a specific department within the company.  But all the team members work together to accomplish the same goals and objectives.  It’s the bigger picture: improving results for customers.

The first step is having the leader define the team they are trying to build. Here are 10 tips to build an effective team:

  1. The leader should clearly communicate all expectations to every member.
  2. Each member should understand how the team fits into the company’s goals.
  3. Each member should be committed and feel they are a valuable part of the team.
  4. Each member should have defined goals, designated tasks, and a clear mission.
  5. Each member should feel they have the right resources and support to accomplish their goals.
  6. Each member should have boundaries and enough freedom to carry out their mission.
  7. Each member should be able to work together effectively and collaboratively.
  8. Each member should be able to communicate clearly and honestly with each other.
  9. Each member should be open to change, give rewards, and take risks responsibly.
  10. Each member should be accountable for others by resolving problems, not blaming or pointing fingers.

Do you think your team is an effective one?

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Take these tips to your team members.  Create a more effective team for your business this year.

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