How to Convert Employees into Team Members

How to Convert Employees into Team Members (2)

Wondering why your employees don’t take more ownership?  Do your employees have an entitlement mentality?  Want to know how to get your workers to care more about their jobs? Does it seem as if everyone just works for a paycheck?

These questions come up often in my business.  I hear many complaints about work ethic and mentality issues.  I do believe the root cause of this is a LACK of strong leadership!

Yes…YOU are the reason your workers are not stepping up!

Reality:  You currently have the team that you deserve.  Want a better team?  Then learn how to build one.  Ultimately you want the RIGHT people in your business.

Ask yourself these two questions:

1.  If any of your workers left your business today, would you feel good or bad?
2.  If you knew when you hired your worker what you know about them now, would you hire them today?

Your answers will tell you if you have the RIGHT people in your business.  If you want a great business team, then you have to be proactive and make sure all your workers are RIGHT for your business.

Once you have the RIGHT workers, then you will need to decide what position is RIGHT for them.  You are the one who will determine this!  As a leader, you need to build your team around the strengths of each worker.  It is crucial to create, define, and clearly communicate descriptions for each worker/role in your business.

A strong team starts with a strong leader.  Share what spires common vision, missions, and values.  Make sure that each team member knows their role, how they are going to be measured and compensated, and facilitate clear action plans for the team.

You need to work ON the business.  It will bring huge returns in profit and happiness.

Feel free to contact me if you need help getting rid of mediocre employees…roll up your leadership sleeves and work ON your business…today!!

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Take a good, hard look at your team members.  Are they working up to your expectations?  Is it time to wean out the old and make way for a new, more productive team?

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