How to build a positive relationship with your employees

A professional may be in their work environment just as much, or even more than they are at home.  So, as a manager, you want your employees to feel comfortable and productive in their work environment.

Open communication and getting to know your employees are strong factors for good productivity in the workplace.  Here are a few tips to ensure sound employer-employee relationships:

1.  Have a weekly meeting with your employees to discuss problems and solutions.

2.  Always welcome your employees’ feedback to encourage loyalty within the company.

3.  Support your employees and recognize their achievements to show appreciation.

4.  Take the time to know your employees personally. Ask about their personal life, their needs, and their goals.

5.  Be there for your employees and treat them the way you would want to be treated.

A supportive manager will always have employees that are more productive and who enjoy their job and work surroundings.   Good employer-employee relationships are imperative for building a positive workplace. 

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Invite one employee in your office each day for the next week.  Ask them their goals as your employee.  Get to know them.  Then see how the work environment changes. Are your employees happier and more productive?

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