How to Avoid Being a Bad Boss

Not everyone is born with leadership skills. In fact, research shows that only 10% of people are natural leaders. Everyone else needs to work at it.

The good news is people can learn to become great leaders. Whether you want to boost your own leadership qualities or help team members grow into managerial roles, self-directed learning together with professional coaching can boost performance in these five key areas for improvement.

Team first mindset – Recognize that your team is more important to your business growth than your individual contributions and invest your time and resources in putting together and developing a team that succeeds without you.

Active listening – Leaders are fully present when interacting with employees. Active listening shows respect and builds trust.

Empathy – Demonstrating the ability to understand challenges others face helps leaders relate to employees, win their confidence and inspire loyalty.

Communication – Being a good business storyteller enables leaders to engage employees and inspires them to embrace the business’s goals.

Time management – Getting out of the weeds allows leaders to remain focused on the future vision and prioritize activities.

If you want to maximize your leadership skills and those of your team members, I can guide you to achieving high levels of excellence. My approach targets both personal and professional development for lasting results.

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