How Managers Can Handle Stressful Workplace Situations

Managers are often in positions where they face stress on a daily basis.  Stress can be handled in many different ways, and the manner in which they deal with the stress depends on the situation.  And if stress is not handles properly, it can take a mental, emotional, and physical toll on everyone involved.

Here are some ways managers can handle stress in the workplace:

1 – Find out where the stress is coming from.  Is it related to the specific work an employee is doing or is it a conflict among workers?  The manager needs to better understand the source before it can be fixed.

2 – Learn how to deal with the stress.  Should there be some type of training that needs to be given?  Should more work be delegated out?  The manager should decide what steps need to be taken to alleviate the stress levels.

3 – Deal with conflicts calmly.  Removing workers who may be causing an issue is a way to handle the conflict without embarrassing or reprimanding them in front of others.  Give them a chance to explain.  The manager should try to work out a solution that both parties can agree on.

4 – Be organized.  A lack of organization can cause stress before stressful situations even arise.  Prioritize tasks more efficiently.  Many managers need to work alone on their own tasks, so organizing and delegating where possible can help lesson their stress levels.

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