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Newsletters are a highly effective marketing channel for small businesses. The opportunity to reach and connect with your customers on a regular basis is invaluable. But starting a newsletter can be challenging when you’re new to the process. I’ve sent out our fair share of newsletters and know what it takes to build an engaged list of subscribers. Here are some things we’ve learned over the years.

Benefits of a business newsletter
Reinforces customer relationships. A steady schedule of email newsletters keeps your business top of mind and is one of the most effective and cost-efficient ways to maintain an ongoing relationship with customers and prospects.
Builds your credibility. A business that commits to sending out a newsletter on a regular basis has more authority and credibility than a business that doesn’t communicate and doesn’t show interest in engaging with its customers.
Adds value. Relevant, informative articles elevate your customer service. You’re sharing your expertise and giving away advice – that makes you look good!
Increases traffic to your website. Insert links to your website in newsletter articles to make it easy for your audience to find your website.
It’s your real estate. Unlike social media platforms that employ algorithms to control who sees your posts, you control the entire environment around your newsletter: how it looks, what it says, who sees it and how often.
Drives business. More times than I can count, I’ve received a call about my services right after I’ve sent out a newsletter. My topic sparked interest in the reader and they acted immediately to inquire about my services.

Tips for developing your newsletter
What’s in a name? A lot depends on the name you give your newsletter. In itself, the name is a marketing tool that can capture the attention of your audience. There are different approaches to naming, but they all have the same objective: to stand out in the daily tsunami of emails delivered to inboxes. Here are some naming strategies:

  • Explore catchy, fun wordplays
  • Use your personal name or your business name
  • Use your geographic location
  • Incorporate the day of the week: Tuesday Tips
  • Incorporate a description of your audience or a word relevant to the service/products you offer, such as Knitters News, Organizing Oracle, Plumbing Pipeline, etc.
  • Pro tip: alliteration – starting each word in the name with the same letter sound – makes the name more memorable

A picture is worth 1000 words. This old saying has never been more true. Images attract attention, reinforce your message and make readers feel something.
Aim to please. Consider your format from your audience’s perspective. Would they prefer bite-size bulleted information or perhaps practical, in-depth articles? Be sure the font is large enough to be read on a mobile phone – which is where most of us read email these days.
Serve up a smorgasbord. Include a mix of articles to keep readers’ interest. Not every article has to be relevant to every individual in your audience, but over the course of a few issues of your newsletter, there should be something for everyone.
Keep your streak going. In the same way that habit streaks – doing a behavior every day without fail – reinforces the making of a new habit, distributing your newsletter trains your audience to anticipate your newsletter. If you’re going to pause for an issue, let your readers know in advance.
Plan in advance. Plan a list of topics one business quarter in advance to avoid falling behind your publishing schedule.
Don’t go it alone. If you’re new to newsletters, connect with me for guidance in launching an effective and engaging newsletter.

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