Holiday Celebrations for Small Businesses

Are you planning to celebrate the holiday season with your employees? The traditional holiday office party is alive and well, but it’s not always the right fit for small businesses.

So, how can you take advantage of this annual opportunity to bring together all your people and show your appreciation for their hard work over the year — without paying for a big bash? Consider these fun and affordable options.

Holiday meal at the office

Have the main course catered and invite employees to bring in side dishes. Make your space festive with holiday decor and consider adding a fun group activity like a company trivia contest with small prizes.

Gift exchange

Set the dollar amount low enough for everyone to participate; a $10 limit is typical. Make the gift exchange a special event with hot cocoa and doughnuts.

Seasonal decorating

Motivate your people with a contest and a prize for the winner of the best decorated work space. Set aside time to announce the winner and enjoy some holiday treats as a group. Invite people to share highlights of the year.

Community service

From a running a winter clothing drive to volunteering in a soup kitchen, giving back to the community offers a feel-good experience and a meaningful way to connect employees during the holidays.

Employee gifts

Give each employee a gift card. If your business can manage it, let everyone leave an hour early to do some holiday shopping.

However you celebrate the holidays at work, be sure everyone can participate. If it’s not possible to bring everyone together at one time, offer other special experiences for those who can’t attend the main event.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Start planning early and make the holiday celebrations be an opportunity to build and reinforce your company culture.

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