Harness the Power of Customer Feedback

Your existing customers hold the key to growing your business. Their insights and opinions provide priceless information to help market your business, improve your offerings, enhance the buying experience, and drive loyalty. Acting on the information you gather directly translates to higher customer satisfaction and retention.

But you can’t just guess what customers think. You need to actively collect feedback by:

  • Asking for feedback at the time of purchase
  • Sending periodic customer satisfaction surveys
  • Asking for online reviews
  • Following up with customers who return products or discontinue services

You can elicit feedback in casual conversations with your customers during the sales interaction, but the value of a more formal, structured feedback process is that you can generate data and form insights from the cumulative results.

Why Feedback Matters

Asking for feedback shows customers you value their business and makes them feel appreciated, which drives customer retention. Your interest in their opinions lets them know you are committed to giving them the best possible experience in return for their business. 

The information you collect from customer feedback will help you grow your business. Simply asking “How did you hear about us?” will identify the most effective channels for acquiring new customers. Asking why you choose our business for your purchase will reveal factors that influence purchasing decisions. Soliciting suggestions on how you can improve products/services or add new offerings will help you stay relevant. 

Offer Incentives

Make it a habit to request feedback from every customer. Not everyone wants to participate in providing feedback, and that’s okay. Offering incentives for their time and feedback will make your request more appealing. A discount code or gift as thanks for completing a survey or leaving an online review is hard to resist. 

Make it easy 

Be respectful of your customers’ time. Ask straightforward questions and keep them to a minimum. Do the survey yourself to test how long it takes to complete it.  For those customers who want to elaborate, your form can have an open field for comments or if the feedback is verbal, ask if there’s anything else they would like to add.

If your survey is online, test the links and make sure the survey loads properly.  If you want a customer to fill out a feedback form in a retail space, give them the paper while you ring up the sale. 

by sending a review request email after a purchase. 

Be responsive

Once you’ve asked for feedback, be prepared to deal with problems. Follow up legitimate issues to see if you can make things right for the customer.

Keeping open communication with customers provides invaluable insight into how to improve and grow your business. By consistently requesting feedback and showing customers you value their opinions, you’ll retain and attract more customers over time. 

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