Happy Customers Are Repeat Customers

As a business owner, you know that providing excellent customer service is key to keeping customers happy and coming back for more. But no one is perfect. Even businesses that offer the best customer service can have a bad day. What’s important is that you – and your employees – make things right and keep customers happy. These three tips will provide a “customer first” mindset that keeps customers happy and helps solve problems when they do occur.

1. Practice good listening skills

Give your full attention to what your customer is saying to clearly understand the problem. It sounds simple but it’s more than just hearing what the customer has to say. Read body language, note tone of voice, and study facial expressions to provide an appropriate response. Don’t interrupt and be sure you’ve heard everything the customer has to say before responding. Then, summarize what you heard and articulate your next steps. Making a customer feel heard maintains a good relationship and keeps a problem from escalating.

2. Show empathy and understanding

Try to see the problem from your customer’s perspective to gain an understanding of how they feel and what might make them feel better. The customer will appreciate knowing you are on their side, rather than on an opposing side.

3. Provide solutions not excuses

A common urge when confronted with an angry or upset customer is to provide excuses for why something went wrong or why you can’t solve the problem immediately. Don’t waste time blaming others or getting upset at yourself. Simply apologize, accept responsibility and find a way to make things right with that unhappy customer. Leave the customer with a positive impression, not a memory of a bad experience.

Cultivating the habit of practicing these three customer service tips in every interaction will improve all your customer relationships and set you up for successfully resolving problems.

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