Guide to Employee Engagement

Employee engagement indicates how happy/content employees are in their jobs.  It goes beyond activities, games, and events.  Engaged employees see the whole company and understands their purpose/vision.  They also know exactly where and how they fit in.

When a company has employees who are engaged appropriately, they get the following:

– High levels of productivity
– Better retention rates
– Better decision making
– Increased sense of health and well-being
– Decreased healthcare costs
– Boost to their bottom line

Having engaged employees lead to a great company culture, which can be a powerful way of transforming an organization.

Employers should make sure their employees:

– Feel that their work is meaningful and makes a difference
– Feel valued, trusted, and respected
– Feel secure and self-confident

An effective engagement strategy and a highly engaged workforce is more likely to retain top performers and attract new talent.  This leads to a more successful organization!

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