Going For the Gold

For ten straight days the world stops to watch the athletes from all over the world compete in 26 sporting challenges.  As we sit mesmerized in front of our big screen TV’s watching event after event and listening to those around us recall the individual stories of the athletes, we can learn a lot.

Some of the lessons we can learn include:

Routine. Athletes put a lot of attention or thought into, their routines.  What routines have you built in your business to keep you on track?

Positive Mindset. They must have strong minds as well as strong bodies.  The best athletes believe they can win.  How do you stay positive when faced with challenge?

Energy. What they eat, how they train, who they surround themselves with, are all done with the intention to provide them with the energy required to compete.  What are you doing to keep your energy level at its peak?

Competition. Olympians do not shy away from competition, nor do they win every competition, but they see it as a necessary to continue to learn and improve.  What did you learn the last time you lost and how did that improve your business for the next time?

Sacrifice. Nothing else seems to matter to these athletes.  You will often hear them thank their families for making it possible.  What have you had to sacrifice in order to achieve success and have you thanked those around you who helped make it possible?

Commitment. The pledge to work toward a goal is evident by the schedule they keep, and dedication to work day in and day out – no matter what.  What commitments have you made to the success of your business, are they obvious day in and day out?

Concentrate. Olympians demonstrate an unwavering focus.  They simply don’t have room for distractions.  How do you reduce the number of distractions that keep you from accomplishing the task at hand?

Schedule. They have a plan, they work the plan, and they rely on the plan to remove the guesswork from what they need to do to accomplish their goals.  How current is the plan you are working from?  Are you using it to remove the guesswork?

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Challenge yourself to take on the attributes of an Olympian in your business.   Choose one attribute and live it!

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