Giving You an Edge Over the Competition

The key to beating your competition is having the right attitude.  It’s not always about knowledge or skill, but about acquiring the attributes that can put you in the right mindset for achieving business success.

Here are 5 helpful tips:

  1. Have Passion:  Passion is something that can’t be taught. Passion will help you overcome obstacles within your business.  During difficult times, try to remember why you started the business in the first place.
  2. Forget Fear of Failure:  Don’t let fear hold you back.  Remember, failure is an opportunity to learn and grow.  Moving ahead from your failures is good. Quitting from your failures is bad.
  3. Accept Criticism:  Allow your staff to be honest with you. If fact, encourage them to give you constructive criticism.  Admit your mistakes and teach your staff to be honest too.
  4. Pursue Something New:  Every once in awhile get out of your comfort zone. Implementing needed change may feel uncomfortable but is often necessary for your business to grow.
  5. You are an Asset: Remember to take care of yourself because your health is important, and because you are important to your business.  Maintain a good work/play balance.  This will enhance your mental outlook.


If you would like to learn more about how this might apply to your business, let’s talk:

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As a Business Coach from Chicago North Shore, I understand that time is your most valuable asset. Now, I can help you recreate your dreams and vision…and accomplish the goals you first set out to achieve with your business. Ultimately, you will experience a better quality of life because of your commitment to invest in yourself with the help of a Business Prophet Coach and personal mentor.