Getting the Sale

Whether you are a veteran salesperson or new to the sales world, it is likely that you can find ways to improve your sales process.  Tom Hopkins a sales guru and author of  ‘Sell it Now, Sell it Today’ provides us with some very real insights into the key components of the sales process.

The first element is TRUST.  Early on in the sales cycle the prospect is looking for evidence that they can trust you.  This can often be easily demonstrated by following through on simple commitments, call when you say you will call, send what you say you will send, and do what you say you will do.  Using body language there are several cues that subliminally reinforce trust, such as keep your hands above the table, sit side by side, keep arms and legs uncrossed, match and mirror the tone and pace with whom you are speaking.

The second element is NEED.  Asking good questions is the first step in getting to the needs of a prospect, asking great questions allows you to understand the full impact related to the need.  It is important that you don’t stop too early and you drive to get to the details so you are fully prepared when you move to the next step.

The next element in the selling process is HELP.  Now that you have their trust and you understand the need you are well positioned to offer very specific details on how you can meet their needs.  The details of what you have learned by asking great questions can now be used to highlight the facts or features of your products or services, immediately followed by the benefits.   Make sure your point of view reflects the customers’ perspective of ‘what’s in it for me’.

The final element is HURRY. Creating a sense of urgency around making a decision about moving forward can be a tricky or uncomfortable situation.  It is not necessary to be pushy in order to create a sense of urgency.  By focusing on their dissatisfaction about their current situation you can stimulate a desire to take action.  As an alternative you can focus on the upside or the vision of what it would be like using your products or services.  Either way you are trying to compel them to make a decision.

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Take a look at your sales process and see how you can incorporate trust, need, help and hurry into your approach.

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