Getting in the Flow

If you want increased productivity and more satisfaction during your day – find ways to get into the flow. The flow can be described in several ways. Have you ever gotten lost in your work, fully absorbed where time did not exist? I am not talking about being busy or moving from one task to another while checking off your ‘to do’ list. I am referring to single tasking – when you are focused on a singular task and everything around you disappears.

This is when true productivity occurs, when you can accomplish long term goals or significant projects. It could be completing an operations manual, or an annual marketing plan. It could be setting up your CRM and making it operational.

The flow is where you lose yourself in the activity, your stress decreases, and your ability to produce quality results increases. You are in the flow.

Here are some key steps to finding your flow:

  1. Limit the interruptions, limit the distractions.
  2. Find work that you love, that you have the skills or knowledge to accomplish. If you hate it, it’ll be unlikely for you to ever get into the flow.
  3. Choose the right place and time. If evenings are best, then start after the work day. If you require a quiet environment, then choose first thing in the mornings.
  4. Do something that is important. It needs to be challenging, yet doable – a result that will be meaningful to you.

Getting into the flow is something you will have to practice. As you work on it, you will get better at finding your flow and you will reap the rewards.

YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: Consider how you will start to find your flow. What do you want to accomplish that can help you find your flow?

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