FUN is a MUST!

Amped 11One non-negotiable rule that I stress with my clients, as their coach, is FUN.  I require that whatever we do together must be fun.  If it is not fun, then we stop and figure out why, and then we make it fun.

Why do I require “fun” you ask?  This is probably now a question raised in your mind.  Fun is a reaction to a circumstance…a feeling…a sense…a result…an experience.  How can I require a feeling or emotion?  It sounds kind of weird, doesn’t it?

Well, fun is a paradigm.  It is a choice to find business (and life) amusing and entertaining.  When someone chooses to have fun, they seem to fully participate.  Other people will enjoy being around you when you have fun.  You will be more energetic.  You will be healthier.  You will have a better frame of mind to solve problems.  You will be more creative.  You will also most likely be more gracious, forgiving, and not so serious.  You will come from a place of GAME vs SHAME.

What a great choice!!  What a fantastic place to come from!!  There are definitely serious problems in the business (and in life), but they are better solved when you decide to smile and take pleasure in working through them.  Have fun today!!  Remember to have fun every day!!  It could change the way you do business…for the better!!

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YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK:   Pick a certain task and have FUN with it.  Does it change the result?  Do you see a difference?

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