From Court to Page in 30 Days: My Book on Pickleball Lessons for Life

I’m thrilled to announce that I achieved my goal to write and publish an entire book in just 30 days! In “Dinking thru Life: Lessons from the Pickleball Court,” I draw parallels between business and life strategies and the sport of pickleball.

If you’re a client or friend, you already know about my enthusiasm for the game. On June 19th, I was on the court when inspiration suddenly struck. It occurred to me that everything I was learning about pickleball paralleled what I had learned over the course of my professional career and personal life. After getting positive feedback on my insights from fellow players, I decided to write a book, and set myself a 30-day deadline.

It took me more than three years to write my first book, “How to Build a High-Performing Home Care Business.” When I finally published it, I told myself I would never draw out the process that long again.

On July 20th, just 30 days after starting, I published “Dinking thru Life, Lessons from the Pickleball Court” AND a second book, “Dinking thru Life, In Color (Adult Coloring Book).”

The book covers a broad range of topics, including leadership, teamwork, change management, marketing, and more — all through the lens of the pickleball. Here’s one quick example: the “dink” shot in pickleball, which involves hitting soft shots over the net, parallels my business strategy of gently guiding clients.

While I wrote the book myself, I want to acknowledge my deep gratitude to my illustrator, I could not have written this book without her talent, hard work, and dedication.

“Dinking Thru Life: Lessons from the Pickleball Court” is now available for purchase in hardcover and softcover on my website. The limited edition coloring book based on the new title is also available on my website. Both titles make great gifts for the business owners and pickleball enthusiasts in your life.

Interested in taking the 30-day author challenge and publishing your book? I’ve documented my writing and publishing process in a series of YouTube videos. As you will see, you don’t have to devote years of your life to publish your story. Reach out to me for more information on my publishing strategies and how you can achieve your dream of becoming an author.

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