From 0 to 60!

Time and time again we give our sixty second commercials.  It is easy to fall into a routine, and lose our edge. Here are a few ideas to pump up and reenergize your 60 seconds.

Be specific about what you do – don’t oversimplify, don’t generalize – describe your work in detail.

Organize your commercial – give a clear intro, then tell a story or describe a situation, be clear on your ask, then wrap up with your tag line.

Use your commercial to inform, stay away from being salesy, give insight and value first.

Be yourself. There is no substitute for authenticity.

Talk about the benefits, appeal to both the head or logic with hard benefits and the heart with a soft benefit like peace of mind.

Be specific about what you want.  Ask for a specific person, a specific company, describe your request in detail so others can help you.

And lastly, be a great listener of others commercials. Careful listening builds goodwill, trust, and confidence.

When you make a commitment to networking, then make the effort to communicate for results.

Your Challenge: Think about your 60 seconds, and how can you be even more effective.

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