What Customers Really Want

Focus on the Experience

To compete in today’s marketplace, it’s not always enough to focus on what you’re selling; you may need to consider how you’re selling. Delivering a quality experience sets you apart from the competition.

Whether you offer a B2B product or service, work as a professional consultant to companies or individuals, or have a consumer retail operation, providing engaging experiences drives repeat business.

You can start creating memorable experiences for your customers by taking a close look at your sales process. Identify every point where potential customers, current customers, and repeat customers interact with your business. Make a list of these “touchpoints” and note what you’re doing now and whether it’s working or not. Then, brainstorm ways to make those interactions more meaningful from your customers’ point of view.

Here’s an example: nearly every business uses various types of communication to share information with customers, ranging from appointment reminders and thank-you notes to newsletters and user instructions. But while all businesses communicate, some have made a name for themselves by elevating the quality of their communications.

Depending on the nature of your business, you can give your customers a better communications experience with your company in various ways, such as:

  • Injecting humor
  • Creating an aesthetically appealing message, whether in print or digital
  • Sharing tips and resources
  • Offering multiple options relating to type and frequency of communications and marketing messages they receive from you

While these suggestions require extra effort, they’re not really expensive and they can pay off. Done well, customer experiences inspire appreciation for your business, reflect on the quality of your business, and prompt repeat business and customer referrals.

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