Fast Track Your Social Media Content Development

If one of your New Year’s resolutions is to use social media to engage with your customers more frequently and consistently – and it should be one of your resolutions – today’s message is for you.  These tips will speed up content creation and maximize your efforts.

Define your audience

Live performers speak about “knowing the room.” The same rule applies to social media content. Avoid wasting your time creating content that misses the mark by getting a clear picture of your specific audiences. The narrower you can define your audience, the more what you say and how you say it will resonate with them.

Define your audience’s need or challenge

When you understand what your audience is looking for, you can create content that converts them to action. Your audience may not even know yet they have a need or problem, but you can use your content to spark awareness of the problem and how you provide a solution.

Brainstorm topics

No need to stare at a blank screen or sheet of paper and wonder what to write about. Use Google Trends, hashtag searches on LinkedIn, and your own email inbox to come up with ideas that are in the news or topics that are frequently searched online.

Break each topic into several smaller topics

Don’t give away all your wisdom in one all-encompassing post, when you can leverage one idea for multiple posts. Additionally, specific tips and advice are more useful than broad, general overviews, so when you narrow your topic, you can dive more deeply into the topic.

Write a few short paragraphs for each topic

You’ll have to put some time in to write a draft, but you don’t have to reinvent the wheel every time you write a post. Consider using a template like the one below to guide your writing.

  • Title
  • Audience need
  • Our solution
  • Feature/benefit of our solution
  • How to learn more about our solution

Multipurpose your content

Adapt your content draft to fit more than one social media platform. If you’re sending out an email or publishing a blog post, your draft is ready to go with minimal editing. If you are using Instagram, you’ll need to focus on condensing your message to a few sentences. If you want to make a YouTube video, you’ll want to edit for length and to ensure you have a conversational tone.

Publish and cross-promote

Once you’ve published your content on one platform, notify your followers on other platforms and provide a link to your newly published content.

Respond to comments

Monitor comments to your post and reply with timely, personalized comments of your own. 

Repurpose your posts

Once or year, revisit older posts and give them a fresh twist.

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