Drive Sales During the Holidays

Since holiday shopping starts earlier and earlier each year, it’s a good idea to start prepping your business for the holidays as early as possible.  Mid-November is when many customers begin holiday shopping!

If you offer purchases on your website, you need to provide a seamless, fast web experience to your customers.  Not only do you want to make sure your website is fast, but you’ll also want to make sure it is mobile-optimized for convenient shopping.  

Shipping costs and cutoffs are extremely important this time of year.  Customers obviously want deliveries before the holidays, so think about offering in-store-pickup when possible. You can offer customers the option to buy online but to pick-up in store.  Or make sure your delivery cut-off dates are not too close to the holidays so you don’t have that added pressure to deliver at the last minute.

When emailing out holiday promotions, don’t waste your time by sending certain offers to the wrong shoppers.  Segment your lists.  Invest properly so you can reach the high-value customers that will come back again and again.  Target each segment with content that’s important to only them.  Promote wisely and it will pay off.  

It’s crazy enough this time of year, so be wise in your marketing decisions.  Get help if needed.  Start early.  And think smart.  End your year with a high profit-margin and a successful business!

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Segment your lists this season.  Do you see a change in sales?

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