Don’t Leave the Success of Your Launch to Chance

The introduction of new products or services can be a make-or-break moment. That’s because the best times to maximize interest and build excitement and awareness usually are leading up to the launch, a launch event, and immediately following the launch. Miss these opportunities and it can be much harder to gain traction for your new offerings. 

Distinguishing Between Updates and Innovations

When introducing something new, first decide whether it is a refresh of an existing item or something completely new. This positioning affects messaging and rollout strategy.

When you have transformed an existing offering, position it as “new and improved.” This signals enhancements while building on existing familiarity with the offering. 

Save the “brand new” label for products and services that are entirely new and position your offering in terms of unique features that can’t be found anywhere else. The novelty can help justify premium pricing and grab attention.

For both types of introductions, emphasize what experience or benefits your customers are missing by not trying out your new offering. FOMO, or fear of missing out, is a proven motivator of consumer buying decisions.

Finding the Right Launch Time 

Market research, buying cycles, and seasonal swings should all factor into timing your launch. To avoid competing with other calendar events that impact your target market, consider the dates of holidays, academic calendars, and local events as you look for the ideal time for your launch

Spreading the Word

Social media posts previewing your launch generates excitement, while email marketing enables you to reach out to a more target audience. 

Create custom content for your website to support your new offering, including blogposts and how-to videos.

Develop an “origin story” for your new offering. This is a concise narrative that describes the how and why you developed a new offering. Telling customers a personal story, either verbally or in text, is an effective way to engage their emotions and interest.

Planning a Launch Event

Schedule a specific date as your launch, so that you have a milestone to celebrate in your place of business or virtually on your social media channels.

Driving Adoption  

Once you have launched, start adding customer testimonial videos to social media posts and your website. Invite customers to review your offering on the appropriate platforms, such as Google Reviews, Yelp, Amazon, etc.

If appropriate to your product or service, try sampling and demo events, limited-time offers, discounts, or free trials to entice customers to try something new. 

Introducing something new always carries risk, but with strategic timing, targeted promotion, and adoption incentives, you’ll position yourself for success.

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