Delivering Your Value

If you have been following along, you now have your value proposition.  Once you know the FEELING that you are creating there is one more thing you need to do.

You need to ask yourself three very important questions.

1 – What must I START doing in order to deliver my value proposition? Don’t attempt a complete overhaul, identify a few critical items that are most important to the delivery of your value proposition and add them to your processes.  Don’t waste your time complicating things, just look for a few high impact additions.

2 – What must I STOP doing in order to deliver my value proposition? This is the most critical question.  You need to identify what you are currently doing that is not adding to your value, it is simply wasting your time.  This question may take some thought to identify activities that you can STOP doing and replace with the activities that you must START doing to add to your value.

3 – What must I IMPROVE that I am currently doing today, but need to do even better? These are the things that you are currently doing right today, however, with some attention and commitment you can find ways to do them even more consistently or perhaps even more professionally.  Often times these items will require implementing a system or some additional training to get them to stick.

So there it is, three simple questions that will drive massive improvements in the value you deliver to your customers!

YOUR CHALLENGE:  Look at what you can START, STOP and IMPROVE to best deliver on your value proposition, and make them happen.

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