Defining Leadership

Every leader has their own style.  And their methods will vary because of the multiple factors they are influenced by.  Here are some examples of what leadership is…

1 – Creating a better environment

2 – Knowing yourself, and your team, very well

3 – Giving your team the tools to succeed

4 – Providing positive, authentic influence

5 – Knowing right from wrong (portray confidence)

6 – Building around a common goal (or goals)

7 – Having the ability to solve problems

8 – Helping others/feeling satisfaction

9 – Building a generation of leaders

10 – Inspiring your team and building followership

11 – Actively listening to others

There is not a specific formula to being a good leader.  Leaders should be authentic, have a good personality, and be naturally motivational.  They should want to teach and provide as much leadership as possible to their team.  Great leaders make for great business!


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