Creating Value for Customers

Customers want value.

That doesn’t always mean great products and excellent service.  It also means the end result.  What exact value does your product or service bring to your customers? There are things you can do, as a business owner, to bring value to your customers.  Here are some techniques that can make the difference between a satisfied customer and an unpleasant experience.

Go the extra mile.  Customers will pay more if they get more.  This is often in the way of your team doing more for them.  An example would be free delivery.

Look at your products/services through their eyes.  Be on the other side of the counter.  Actually use the products and see how they work, or may need to be improved.

Provide ongoing support.  Find a way to answer their questions after they make the purchase.  Don’t end the relationship once they leave your store.

Ask for their advice.  Improve on your existing products/services by asking your customers how.  Their input can make a huge difference.  And they’ll appreciate that you asked.

YOUR CHALLENGE: To look at your business through the eyes of your customers.

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