Common Startup Challenges for Entrepreneurs

As startups are established, entrepreneurs often struggle for many reasons.  They either push through the challenges and succeed, or quit early on.  Every entrepreneur knows there will be obstacles.  Some of those are anticipated, some are not.  The best way to overcome them is to be prepared.

Here are some challenges startups face:

  1.  Capital:  If entrepreneurs don’t have money to put into office space, products, or marketing, then they’re not going to get very far.
  2. Time:  If entrepreneurs don’t manage their time, everything will be put off and the company will stop growing (or not grow at all).
  3. Comfort Zone:  If entrepreneurs don’t put themselves beyond their comfort zone, they may miss opportunities that will make their startup thrive.
  4. Coach: If entrepreneurs don’t have a coach, they may not have the proper person to lean on when major decisions have to be made.
  5. Marketing:  If entrepreneurs ignore proper marketing channels, sales won’t grow and their startup will not survive.
  6. Plan: If entrepreneurs don’t have a plan in place, they may not be ready for the unexpected, which can cause their startup to go under, quickly.

Entrepreneurs need to be prepared for these challenges, and many others.  The key take-away from this is to plan ahead, have the right people by your side, and be ready for anything that may come your way.

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