Common Leadership Styles

As leaders, we help our companies grow.  And the longer we lead, the more we change the way we choose to lead.  Leaders have a huge impact on the companies they work for, and the employees they work with.

Here are a few common leadership styles used today:

1 – Democratic Leadership:  the leader makes the decisions based the input of every employee. It’s also known as shared leadership.  Each group member participates in the decision-making process.

2 – Autocratic Leadership:  the leader makes the decisions without the input of every employee.  They have control over all decisions.  Advice from others is rarely accepted.

3 – Strategic Leadership:  the leader has the ability to influence others to make decisions.  They motivate and persuade others to share the same vision.  It’s a strategy in managing the employees.

4 – Transformational Leadership:  the leader is always improving, pushing employees outside their comfort zone.  The goal is to develop followers into leaders.

5 – Transactional Leadership:  the leader rewards and punishes employees.  The goal is to keep their employees motivated for the short-term.

6 – Bureaucratic Leadership:  the leader listens to the employees but often rejects their input if it conflicts with company policy or previous practices.  They apply a system of rules for management and decision-making.

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