Coach Your Brain!

Feeling like your business life is full of distractions?  Just our digital devices alone make us hard to focus.  Now think about all you have to juggle during your working hours and how staying focused and productive is often extremely hard to do.

As an Entrepreneur, you have to worry about employees, customers/clients, phone calls, follow-ups, emails, meetings, inventory, and the list goes on and on… Here are some tips that may help your brain multitask without becoming overloaded or overwhelmed!

Your brain gets excited when you are doing a lot of tasks at once, but the downside is that we often make mistakes while multitasking.  So here are some ways in which we can coach our brain to focus:

  1.  At the beginning of your day, work on your toughest tasks first.  As the day goes on, our brain gets tired.  So leave the more mindless work for later in the day.
  2. Find your ultimate “focus” time each day, and work on your toughest tasks at that time.  Do you work better in the morning?  Are you more focused in the evening? Choose your time and allow yourself to coach your brain back to focus mode.
  3. Practice concentration by giving yourself time to focus on only ONE task at a time.  This helps us to retrain our brain from distraction mode to focus mode. If you put aside 30 minutes each day to “focus” your brain, then that short distraction time will allow yourself to stay more focused throughout the day.

Our brains are mainly trained to be unfocused because we spend so much time multitasking.  It’s time to coach your brain into a new pattern so focusing isn’t so hard and multitasking becomes easier.  Your owe it to yourself…and your business!

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  What time of the day is your brain at it’s best?  Put 30 minutes aside each day to coach your brain!!

If you would like to learn more about how this might apply to your business, let’s talk:

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