Choose Your Words Carefully

Consider the words of Rudyard Kipling – “Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind.”

From the very beginning of time, the ability to communicate has played an important role in our world. We have all experienced the power of the spoken word. If you truly want to excel, pay special attention to the words you choose. An unknown source describes the most important words in the English Language as follows….

The six most important words: “I admit I made a mistake.” o Don’t be afraid to say it, apologize for it, fix it and move on.

The five most important words: “You did a good job.” o Giving praise doesn’t come naturally to everyone, make it genuine and sincere.

The four most important words: “What is your opinion?” o Whatever the question, whatever the subject, everyone has one, use this as a means to greater understanding.

The three most important words: “If you please.” o These very simple words can change the way you relate to people, and the perception they have of you.

The two most important words: “Thank you,” o Not by coincidence these words also known as the MAGIC WORDS. – Say them often enough and MAGIC will happen. The one most important word: “We” o Recognize that you are not operating alone and give credit where it is due.

The least important word: “I” Therefore, whether you are out making sales calls, building meaningful relationships, or working in the office, our words are a reflection of who we are and ultimately will reflect in our success both personally and professionally.

YOUR CHALLENGE THIS WEEK: Look for opportunities to use these “important words” and notice the impact that they have on others.

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