Build Trusted Advisor Relationships for Small Business Success

If your relationships with your bookkeeper, payroll provider, and accountant aren’t top-notch, it’s time to re-evaluate. These three trusted advisors are critical to the success of your business.


Peter Drucker famously said, ”If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Your financial records are the pulse of your business—they enable you to track performance and cash flow. A skilled bookkeeper ensures your books are accurate, reconciled, and up-to-date. This gives you real-time visibility into the health of your business. Prioritize finding someone who gets your books done on time, every time. If they’re not reliable in one area, how can you be sure they are reliable in others?

Payroll Provider

Payroll may seem like an operational task, but it’s highly detailed and complex work that has huge compliance implications. Tax deductions, benefits packages, employee handbooks—these should be handled flawlessly. Choose a payroll provider who stays on top of regulations and ensures full compliance.


Don’t leave tax savings on the table. An experienced accountant or CPA uncovers credits, deductions, and other tax optimization strategies. A strategic advisor guides you in making business decisions that align with tax and your long-term financial goals. This adds directly to your bottom line.

The right financial trifecta—bookkeeper, payroll provider, and accountant—gives you insight and control over your business. Be intentional in establishing these relationships. If you get the feeling something isn’t right with the relationship, trust your instincts and move on. With trusted advisors in your corner, you’re better equipped to manage costs, optimize taxes, and ultimately drive profitability.

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