Boss or Leader?

There is a distinct difference between a boss and a leader.  Leaders are strong, effective professionals who encourage and motivate their teams.  They create a happy environment that boosts overall morale, which leads to higher productivity.  Bosses view themselves as high authority figures, looking down on their employees, creating poor performance and misunderstood team members.

A boss often leads to high staff turnover, less teamwork, fear and unhappiness in the workplace, and can affect the company’s overall brand.  Motivation and encouragement is how leaders create a well organized, uplifting, hardworking team of individuals.  Lead by example!  Show your employees good work ethic and support them when they follow suit. Teach them to learn from their mistakes, don’t blame or shame them.  Nurture and help develop your staff for future successes.

Leaders take responsibility.  They appreciate individuality.  They inspire enthusiasm, and they instill confidence.  Ensuring your employees are happy and satisfied with where they are at and where they are going not only allows your business to grow, but it allows your employees to grow.  Providing them with training and opportunities encourages them to be loyal to your business. And loyalty is hard to replace.  

Don’t be a boss…be a leader!  You will see a difference in your team and your business!

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YOUR CHALLENGE:  Create a contest this holiday season to motivate your team members.  How does it change morale?  How does it change sales?

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